Why is maintenance important

Maintaining your vehicle is a very important part of ownership.

The fluids in your car or truck will break down over time. There are many things that play a factor on how often these fluids should be replaced. Age of fluid, environmental conditions and driving style are just a couple of reasons why they need to be changed out at their service limit.

There are also other items that are affected by the same conditions listed above. Belts, brakes, hoses and tires to name a few, will all wear out during normal use of your automobile.

All manufacturers have set schedules of maintenance that should be followed to insure that you get the maximum life out of your vehicle. A simple service such as an oil change will allow us to inspect your entire vehicle and give you recommendations that may be needed at the moment or in the future. We will also review the maintenance schedule to see what is needed per age of vehicle and mileage driven.

Most maintenance services can be done in a timely manner. Certain models may be more complex than others (or if services have not been maintained) and may take a little longer than expected. Other items found during inspection may lengthen the time of service as we will inform you of these and if needed reschedule at a later time or date to accommodate you.

All parts or fluids replaced are OEM or equivalent when applicable.

Our goal is to inform you of any issues or concerns that may be forthcoming with your automobile. We strive for quality work no matter how minor your repair needs may be. Our mission is to keep you safe in your vehicle during your travels for as long as you own it.

Help your engine go the distance with proper care.
Help your engine go the distance with proper care.